Hello hello , you’ve reached my page.

I decided to make my own page since I couldn’t find a platform that would be fit to publish what I wanted to share about some things that I’ve done, and places I’ve visited, in the way I wanted. And here it is, that’s all.


I do this as an exercise in not forgetting things. And for all those pictures to be something more than information on a hard drive that no one sees. To share all that with my friends, relatives, and any other person that may find what I have to tell interesting. Simple as that.

What’s in here?

What I want to show here can be divided into four basic things:

Reports on travels that I’ve made. With an Aviation geek focus and some general content, on the section called  Jauntin’.

Some general interest notes on matters about Aviation and travel. More or less focused on people who don’t know much about it, and with the sole aim of sharing a bit of the knowledge that I have about this. All that in  The more you know.

I have also written some things about myself. Things like statistics, part of my history, and some of the reasons why I’ve had the life that I’ve had.

On top of that I mention some things of my life that have nothing to do with Aviation, such as the infinite love that I have for my furry family (and the human too, of course, but they won’t appear much here due to privacy concerns).

Especially my little Violeta. And hobbies of mine such as riding bicycle, video games, and photography, among others.

Many of those things intertwine with the other sections, and give some additional context. Ramirez is the place of those things.

Speaking about photography, in the  Photo gallery there are photos that I have taken on my trips, on my spotting sessions, and of the doggies on a context outside the written articles.

I have uploaded photos on other Aviation websites and the like, and I don’t intend to stop doing it. But it’s also good to have my own gallery that is not limited by the rules of a third person on other platforms.

Several photos that are in the gallery have not been used in the articles, and I hope to be able to update it constantly as long as I have material. I estimate it will take more than 9000 years to upload them all, but I will do what I can.

Last but not least, there are some basic considerations about the contents and copyright on this website, and a way to contact me in case it becomes necessary.