About the contents

The contents on this website, when they have been written by myself, are written based on my experiences, my preferences, my vision on a given moment, and my limited knowledge about one thing or the other.

I wrote a great deal of the contents long time after the things actually happened, so there are things that may not be accurate due to the time that has passed.

There may be some things that I remember well but that have changed and no longer are the way I describe them, and I haven’t even noticed. I don’t provide any guarantees about the suitability or the accuracy of the contents I’ve written here for any purpose.


I don’t think I’m the authority about anything that I write here, and you may as well disagree with anything that you read. Opinions are subjective, and I am not interested on convincing anyone about anything.

Conversely, facts have a very different nature than opinions. So, if you notice that I have written something that is technically or historically incorrect, please, do notify me. You would be doing me a favour.

Technical matters

I have tried for the website to work in as many devices, operating systems, and browsers as possible.


Nonetheless, it’s designed mostly to be seen on a laptop or desktop computer, and it looks much better that way.

It should work acceptably fine on mobile devices and on Safari, but on these platforms there may be slight issues, especially with some images or galleries.

If seeing on a mobile device or using Safari, there’s a chance some of the images or galleries may not appear as intended, or not appear at all.

I recommend seeing the website on a laptop or desktop computer using Chrome or Firefox.

That way, you can see it as I intended it to be seen, and with as few of those image issues as possible, so you don’t miss any image or gallery that may not appear on other platforms.

That said, if you find a bug or additional weird behaviour, I’d be grateful if you would let me know about it.

About the copyright

I jolly share what I write, but that does not grant you any right to use the material without my consent, edit it, or anything like it. I DO NOT authorise the contents to be used, nor to be reproduced by any means, physical or electronic, without my previous written consent by email, or physical written authorisation.

Of course this does not apply to images or other content that do not belong to me, but that I have used with permission, whether by their proper owner or because their licence allows for free use. Those images can be recognised because they are not credited to me (“Ramírez.”), and I have written it so, wherever they have been used.

In that case, whatever the licence from that image or content says applies, including free use. Or in case there isn’t enough clarity about the licence of the image or content, whatever the owner says when you contact him or her.


If you are interested on using the material for anything, please write to me beforehand. I don’t make a living out of this, and if it’s something that is not for profit I am willing to help, generally speaking, and on reasonable conditions. Still, I reserve the right to reject any proposal for any reason, or for no reason at all.

If it’s something that is for profit I am also willing to help, but you will understand my lack of agreement with someone using my work (or hobby) for profit without me getting something in return. So contact me, and we’ll see what agreement we can reach, according to the conditions in which you plan to use the material.

I have already had issues with some media that have abused like that. And on a couple of times, it has even gone to the legal system with lawyers and whatnot, and I’ve won.

It’s not something that I particularly enjoy, but I am willing to do it again, so please, be respectful of copyright. No “photo courtesy” until in fact I have had the courtesy myself, (and in that case the proper credit would have to be given), or similar “modalities”.


Almost all the materials in this website have been written by me, unless when specified otherwise.

Likewise, almost all the pictures have been taken by me, and when it’s not so, have been obtained by sources that do not hinder their use in the way I have used them here.

The videos that don’t belong to me, hosted in Youtube, Vimeo, or other services, with their hosting allowed according to the rules of those services, do not have any warning or block against being used in the way I have used them in this site, up until the moment of the last update.

That said, if you find in this site any material that belongs to you or a third-party, and you think it has been misused, please notify me promptly to solve the issue.

That’s all.
Thanks a lot, I love you.